• W H O   W E A R E

    The Compound Concrete is a family business that fabricates pre-cast concrete to update any home or commercial interior or exterior space. We began our journey by fabricating concrete from cement, sand, and a pigment blend for a unique project of our own. Through word of mouth our company organically grew into a resource for families and businesses to customize and update their own spaces with concrete. Each project is unique; Although we mold it into the desired form the concrete will take on a life of its own in subtle color differences & pattern. The imperfections of concrete is what makes concrete so unrivaled. Concrete is timeless and resilient for the kitchen, bathroom, & outdoor space. However, concrete is so universal it can be utilized for fireplaces, stair treads, wall tiles, or tables. The potential is endless & the process of conceptualizing to fabrication is only where the story begins. We want each piece we make to create an atmosphere of inspiration for each client.


    Our core culture revolves around making lasting products and lasting connections with our clients. In our home, connection is our first priority. We believe there is nothing more important or vital to our community than a healthy family doing life well. In business, we believe your family is our first priority. Our promise is that we will not compromise quality for profit. We believe everyone looses when the ultimate goal is how fast and cheap. In a world full of mass-production, we believe going against the grain produces a much more superior product that will stand the test of time. We find deep satisfaction in taking our time to focus intentionally on the clients needs & vision, actualizing the design, and finally installing it into the environment it was made for. Each project is hand-crafted with the highest quality ingredients and our meticulous detail to the process results in an incredible piece of 'functional art'. As a byproduct of great workmanship, each piece created will add value to your space and make a statement of its own. We really love what we do and love that we are able to serve our clients well by creating something they can build their lives around; something as unique & enduring as they are.


    If you are interested in adding concrete to your home or business

    we service the Metro-Phoenix area and we are based out of Mesa, Arizona.

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  • O U R V A L U E S


    We believe in the integrity of our product. We use the highest quality ingredients in our concrete recipe and an industrial food grade sealer. Each step of our process is carefully executed with mindfulness for the final product to be beautiful & resilient.


    We are committed to creating a lasting connection with our clients.

    Creating lifelong relationships allows us the best opportunity to serve and sustain an amazing reputation.


    We understand the stresses of renovations. We go out of our way to discuss all possible obstacles. We believe the best service is realistic deadlines, hardwork & over delivering. We are committed to timely, clear communication with our clients and excellence in our workmanship.



    We understand that concrete is not for everyone. We make a point to be transparent, by giving all the information needed

    for clients to make the right decision for their projects.

    The material is imperfect in nature; we embrace the flaws of concrete and the authentic story it will tell over time.